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Chained by Ignorance!

My aunt used to always tell me the story about the chained elephant and tigers at the zoos and circuses. They're much bigger than their captors yet they never overtake them. Why? It's because the elephants and the tigers don't know any better. They don't know their strength. They do not know their capabilities. They underestimate their power. All they know is what they were trained. They are held in place because of their lack of knowledge. Getting 1B.E.S.T. You together was not hard, however, it was a dragged-out process because of fear of the unknown. I literally have sat on this process for eight months because of fear of failure. We hold ourselves back because of lack of knowledge. To break the chains of uncertainty and ignorance we have to do our due diligence and research. We must grab courage and faith by the hand and go on a date. The saying “if you know, you know” has more meaning than just being a social media idiom to make your post sound more official. Sometimes, life requires you to act regardless of if you know the outcomes or not. You cannot let the chains of ignorance hold you back or you will forever be in one place doing what you were trained to do. Everyday make yourself more aware and knowledgeable so you can live life at your full capabilities! #Breakingchainseveryday!

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Veda Toles
Veda Toles
09 feb 2023

Simply beauty and well said!

Me gusta
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