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Ashley Morgan

Surprisingly, the ideation of 1B.E.S.T. You, came to Ashley Morgan when she spotted a lovely butterfly. Although the butterfly was gorgeous, she noticed the insect had landed on dog feces and began to eat it. Seeing this made Ashley wonder how something so pretty could eat something so disgusting. At that moment, she was struck with a realization. Even the prettiest and most precious creatures go through unsavory phases that don’t take away from their beauty and ability to thrive.


This eye-opening moment inspired Ashley to open 1B.E.S.T. You, which stands for Butterflies Eat Sh*t, Too. This private practice is dedicated to applying proven methods of practice to help patients rediscover themselves and live an elevated quality of life. 1B.E.S.T. You was created with a focus on treating psychiatric conditions including, but not limited to, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, and anxiety. Patients 18 and up can look forward to effective treatments such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, and even sound therapy.


When asked about who her greatest motivator in life has been, Ashley Morgan reflected upon her childhood and her career and dedicated that title to her grandmother. Throughout her childhood and into her adult life, Ashley’s grandmother demonstrated the importance of being a good listener to those in need. In addition, she modeled for her granddaughter the power of proceeding through life without judging others despite their thoughts or actions. Ashley carried these values into her career as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and has dedicated her life to helping others navigate their way to mental wellness.


Having served in the Army National Guard for ten years, Ashley is a military veteran who is especially passionate about helping soldiers who struggle with PTSD and depression. Due to her past experiences, she has the ability to more thoroughly understand her patients and their trauma more than many of her professional peers. Even with her patients who did not serve in the military, she always aims to truly listen to their thoughts, stories, and concerns to offer the best possible plan of action and care.


Ashley graduated from Gordon State College, located in Barnesville, Georgia, in 2013 with a degree in nursing. Two years later, in 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) also from Gordon State College. From Georgia State University, located in Atlanta, Georgia, she earned her Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health as a Nurse Practitioner. Her journey in nursing started in the intensive care unit (ICU); from there, she has worked in operating rooms, emergency rooms, and psychiatric units. Now, she is the proud owner of her own private practice, 1B.E.S.T. You!


Although she enjoys all aspects of her job, Ashley especially found fulfillment in helping patients with their mental health. As a Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health, Ashely consistently operates under the goal to establish a comforting environment for all patients. She wants everyone who speaks with her to view her sessions as a safe haven where they can see the amazing progress they are making towards mental wellness. She firmly believes in celebrating both small and large successes while taking a deep breath to work through any setbacks. In addition, she is committed to helping those who feel lost or discouraged to see hope in the future through her proven methods.

When Ashley is away from the office, she enjoys relaxing by creating and designing through arts and crafts. In addition, she loves to brush up on her skills by singing out loud. Dancing also happens to be one of her favorite ways to exercise. Even when she is not at work, Ashley is consistently reading and researching her industry to stay updated on today’s best practices. Staying current is important to her. Ashley seeks to eradicate the term “crazy” from the public’s vocabulary as a way to normalize seeking mental health help from professionals. Furthermore, she is dedicated to enlightening the general population about the importance of mental health, and she continues to be an advocate for early intervention to prevent adverse events from happening. It is Ashley’s ongoing goal to apply her expertise to bring mental relief to all patients who walk through the doors of 1B.E.S.T. You.

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